Improvised dinner

Improvised dinner

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These improvised dinners are recommended as a means of bringing together maximum originality, variety, surprise, unexpectedness and good humour. Of every cook it is asked that he acquire an attitude that:

  • form and colour are just as important as taste
  • can conceive of an original architecture for every dish, possibly different for each individual, in such a way that EVERY PERSON HAS THE SENSATION OF EATING not just good food but also WORK OF ART.
  • Will, before preparing a dinner, study the character and sensibility of everyone, and take account of age, sex, physical make up and even psychological factors in the distribution of the dishes,
  • Can when necessary create dinners in motion, by means of moving carpets that run along in front of the diners, carrying every kind of different dish: individualized preparation would be simplified this way because everyone would be thrust into a position where he would be doubly agreeable because in certain sense it would encourage the human spirit of adventure and heroism.

At improvised dinners the cooks, waiters and managers can of course discuss the attributes of various dishes, but they must never take into account the personal taste of the diners.

Formula by the Futurist Aeropainter

From Futurist Cookbook

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