sensory workshop 2

Here are some images from our second sensory workshop, at the Dissenters Chapel. We were exploring the interplay between narrative, imagination and sensory stimuli. One of the questions I am interested in is how our visual imagination works in the absence of sight. Do we imagine colours? How accurate is our visualisation based on tactile... Continue Reading →

Theatre of Fruit

Theatre of Fruit Latest stills from my fruit and vegetable performance, using light to explore texture and colour in particular. Notes towards a short film. Tereza Stehlikova, November 2016

Sensory workshop n.1

Sensory workshop n.1 The aim of the first workshop was to explore the relationship between our bodies and place, as mediated by our senses, and in turn, how this can become part of the creative process.¬† The workshop is a first one in the series of workshops, which follow the tradition of the surrealist games,... Continue Reading →

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