This blog is a way of recording the influences I hold dear: starting with my interest and research into the role of sensory perception, sensory memory and our embodiment on shaping our aesthetic appreciation and overall experience of the world, including also the emotional resonances of particular places and spaces, so wonderfully described by Gaston Bachelard or the Czech geologist Vaclav Cilek. I take much inspiration from the creative practice of the Czech artist Jan Svankmajer and have tried to share some of his output here. By definition this blog is also a record of my own creative process and practice, documenting the projects I am creating, from my moving image work, to performance and writing.


About Me

I am an artist and senior lecturer from Prague, now based in London, at University of Westminster (where I am currently developing a new MA programme in moving image), as well a research co-ordinator and PhD supervisor at the Royal College of Art. I work in moving image and performance, with a strong focus on sensory perception and the role of the body in informing our aesthetic experience. In 2009 I founded Sensory Sites (an informal network of artists interested in exploration of our sensory engagement with the world). My PhD thesis on role of tactility on informing our experience of film, can be found HERE. I also run occasional sensory workshops in London (for more info please visit HERE)

My personal website: www.terezast.com

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  1. I stumbled into your site looking for help with narratives to guide, explain, initiate students in meditation around landscape, earth, embodiment, and felt experience. I was following the spoor of Vaclav Cilek. Thank you for your wonderful translation. And thank you for the additional gifts of Rilke and Mann and your 4 Generation Project and your boldness in exploring sensory perceptions. I now stumble out of you site reeling with possibilities.

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