Creativity and play

Over the last week my colleague Rosalyn Driscoll and I have begun developing ideas and artwork for our upcoming exhibition Generation.

We are working with animal rawhide, tracing paper, fabric, sound, air and projected light. We try and respond to these different “materials” and observe how they interact.

clock wip

Roz and I are thinking about the nature of the creative process in general, while also aware of the fluidity of our own, shared one.

We experiment, try things out, play. This process makes me think of David Bohm, and his thoughts on creativity, an attitude to which we certainly aspire:

“…real perception that is capable of seeing something new and unfamiliar requires that one be attentive, alert, aware, and sensitive. In this frame of mind, one does something (perhaps only to move the body or handle an object), and then one notes the difference between what actually happens and what inferred from previous knowledge. From this difference, one is led to a new perception ot a new idea that accounts for the difference. And this process can go on indefinitely without beginning or end, in any field whatsoever.”

And Bohm adds” One thing that prevents us from thus giving primary emphasis to the perception of what is new and different is that we are afraid to make mistakes…this is very unfortunate, for, as has been seen, all learning involves  trying something and seeing what happens.” (David Bohm, On Creativity)

field wip

x ray like

Images from our shared experiments.

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