Call to Join my Artistic Team

THE INFRA-ORDINARY LAB* Participatory performance, 8. – 18th June 2023 PQ Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space With Artist Tereza Stehlikova I am looking to build a small artistic team to help me realise a project/performance for Prague Quadrennial 2023. Those interested should ideally be based in or near Prague. Key words: participatory performance,... Continue Reading →

Familial Traces, 2023

A multi-media exhibition by Tereza Stehlíková20th January 2023 – 12th February 2023Visit by appointment via A multi-media exhibition tracing and mapping some of the textures that make up the narrative of oneself: a fragile and ever-shifting construct made of embodied memories, fragments of early childhood experience, imprints of tactile encounters, threaded with family histories. The... Continue Reading →

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