Astronomical dinner

Astronomical dinner

astronomical dinner

The table is made of a sheet of crystal placed on shining aluminium legs. The dining room is completely dark. Sources of variable light on the underside of the table, moving through layer of crystal from bottom to top, and in from two sides toward the centre, illuminate the crystal surface in a hundred different ways, the intensity and colour varying with the foods.

All the plates, bowls and cups are made of crystal.

Dawn will thus rise within the crystal goblets in the form of a perfect consumato made fluorescent with a tiny quantity of “fluorescin.”

High noon will be a mosaic of smoked meat, pistachios and red pepper, sprinkled with lemon and delicately perfumed with vanilla will rise in the sky.

Sunset will consist of a dish of very thin slices of smoked salmon, beetroot and oranges.

Then, in the deep night of the room, a cosmographic sphere of ice-cream (50 centimeters in diameter), the only illuminated body, will move very slowly across the crystal surface which now seems to hang suspended in the darkness.

A pump in the shape of a telescope will launch parabolas of Asti spumante.

Formula by the Futurist
Dr. Sirocofran

(From Futurist Cookbook)

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