Tangible Territory is a platform that offers a space for various voices to meet and discuss themes relating to the role of the body, the importance of place and embodied experience, in giving meaning to our every day experience of life and art. For now, Tangible Territory consists of a TT Journal, as well as Sensing Place residency.

Sensory Sites is an international collective of artists centered in the UK committed to creating multisensory, site-specific installations that heighten people’s sensory responses by appealing to all the senses, especially touch and proprioception.

CREAM research, University of Westminster

Crossmodalism is movement born from the synthesis of art, science, and entrepreneurship. It is based in learning and collaboration across non-traditionally linked disciplines, ideas, and communities. Through this foundation, Crossmodalism fosters an appreciation of the full human experience in connection to its social and natural environment.

The Center for the Study of the Senses

(Dis)Embodied Perception of the Self and Other – Interdisciplinary Perspectives from Science & Arts—interdisciplinary-perspectives-from-science-arts

Cross Modal Research Laboratory (Charles Spence)

Open Senses Festival, London

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