Here you can find the latest news about my research, including presentations, exhibitions and new projects.

Ophelia in Exile: new exhibition, opening on 8th october, 2021, in London. More information


SEISMA Magazine – Spotlight profile about my ART & SCIENCE practice 


4 Generations of Women Topography in The Learned Pig magazine: Fragments of text, film and photography: artist Tereza Stehlikova explores the bonds between the 4 women within her family:


Upcoming preview of my new short film Zoom Deep Beauty, 2021, 6th February, 2pm as part of Moving Image Salon. To book visit this link.

Short trailer:


Sensory Orders, EXHIBITION: NOVEMBER 6, 2020 – JANUARY 10, 2021

I am participating in Sensory Orders, an exhibition of 32 international artistic and scientific responses to the burning question of how do we sense and make sense in times of extreme precariousness, tumult and uncertainty?



Tangible Territory journal: First issue out!

My new online arts journal is out. It brings together voices of artists, writers, philosophers, scientists & others from various fields of human knowledge, inspired by the pandemic, the role our senses have in creating meaningful experiences in art/life.


Ecstatic Truth: The Age of the Absurd: AVAILABLE ONLINE 

Ecstatic Truth is an annual symposium that explores issues arising from the interface between animation (in all its forms) and documentary (conceptualised very broadly as non-fiction), with a particular interest in the questions raised by experimental and practitioner perspectives. According to Werner Herzog, mere facts constitute an accountant’s reality, but it is the ecstatic truth (a poetic reality) that can capture more faithfully the nuances and depths of human experiences. Given that animation (or manipulated moving image in all of its expanded forms) has the freedom to represent, stylise or reimagine the world, it lends itself well to this aspirational form of documentary filmmaking. Available online:

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