Zoom Deep Beauty: Preview

In our new Covid-19 reality, when many of us spend extensive time on video calls, we are constantly confronted with our own face on the computer screen, the tiny camera reflecting back to us our own image. What is the effect of this new mirror, coming into prominence in a world already obsessed with surface and appearance? What happens when the computer screen is treated both as a mirror but also as an actual person, present in flesh? What does it mean to be present, or re-presented in this new digital reality?

In this new short film Zoom Deep Beauty, 2021, Tereza Stehlikova continues her exploration of how embodiment and multi-sensory impressions can be communicated in an audio-visual language. This quest, which has begun as part of her PhD into the tactile language of moving image, has gained a new urgency at a time when so many of our interactions happen virtually, in the digital space.

To take part in this discussion and to see the preview of the new film, please book your place in the Moving Image Salon, which will take place online on 6th February 2021, at 2pm GMT.


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