On the relationships of science and art

On the relationships of science and art, an excerpt from David Bohm’s On Creativity

1. crypt

“I have personally discovered that through talking with artists and correspondence with them, as well as through seeing their work, I have been greatly helped in my scientific research. The main effect of these contacts was to lead me to look with a fresh view at a structure as I perceived it directly with the senses. As a result, it became clear to me that current scientific and mathematical notions of structure may have only limited domains of validity. For if one looks again at the kind of perceptual contact with the world from which existing scientific and mathematical concepts have ultimately been abstracted, one sees that a great many as yet unexplored directions of abstraction have, in reality, been open all the time. In this way the mind is freed to consider new ideas of structure, rather than go on with comparative, associative symbolic thinking in terms of habitual patterns laid down in the past.” (from David Bohm’s On Creativity)



Under surface1

Tereza Stehlikova, Just Under the Surface video installation, Crypt Gallery, London, 2011

Photographs by David Dixon.

Just under the Surface was a unique exhibition for a unique gallery space. The first exhibition by the pioneering artists’ collective Sensory Sites, it explored the aesthetic, emotional, bodily and metaphysical possibilities of an art that is keenly aware of the senses, especially touch. Working directly with the remarkable atmosphere and dimensions of the Crypt, and through sculpture, moving image, sound and installation, Just Under the Surface created deeply immersive environments where multi-sensory encounters were actively encouraged.

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