sensory workshop 3

In the last workshop of 2016 we were exploring how subjective states, such as dreams or memories, can be communicated via multi-sensory impressions and without sight.

Below some of the innerscapes created by participants and experienced by touch, smell, and hearing alone.


Billur’s childhood memory


Alice’s dream of washing a wig

The various experiences of the encounters, whether pleasant, adventurous or unsettling, were translated into drawings and maps.


We continued in developing tactile conversations and defining a subjective vocabulary of touch.


These are some of the resulting outcomes of these tactile exchanges between participants. We found that often there would be a surprising amount of deeply subjective experience communicated non verbally through the materials.


The final part of the workshop was exploring a journey into an interior…

Can we leave the everyday world behind, and with the help of specially selected sensory clues and a fragmented narrative, embark on a journey of the imagination that takes us out of the confinements of the actual space?


Our expedition will continue in 2017, and we will probe much deeper still…

Overall concept: Tereza Stehlikova

Documentation: Dany Teixeira

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