SENSING PLACE Five day sensory workshop / residency, in beautiful surroundings of South Bohemia, focused on exploring our relationship to landscape/place, in order to inspire creativity, fuel the imagination and ground the body. Introduction: brief concept How do we get to know a particular place and how do we learn to experience it fully with... Continue Reading →

Sensory Workshops document

This is a brief documentation of some of the sensory workshops leading up to a multi-sensory performance Journey to the Interior, which took place at Dissenters Chapel, in May 2017. The workshops begun in November 2016 and continued till June 2017. They were organised and led by Tereza Stehlikova and guest presenters included Michael Isted... Continue Reading →

sensory workshop 5 – geology – terroir

Sensory workshop n.5 - geology and terroir The workshop took place Saturday 18th March, 2017, at Dissenters Gallery, North West London and was focused on geology of Kensal Green Cemetery, with Diana Clements, and on “terroir” with Dany Teixeira and Vaughn Tan. Beneath your feet: a geology workshop based on Kensal Green and the wider London area... Continue Reading →

sensory workshop 4 – scent

Our latest workshop was focused on exploration of SCENT, in relation to memory, "nostalghia" and geology. Our first guest contributor was Michael Isted, who is a fully qualified Phytotherapist BSc (Hons) and who has a passion for introducing ways in which people can invigorate and revitalise life through the power of plants. Michael presented some of the unique flavours... Continue Reading →

Journey to the Interior

Journey to the Interior A participatory performance involving all the senses Where: Dissenters Chapel, Kensal Green Cemetery When: 21st May, 2017 Part of Open Senses Festival, London And Worm Wood project, at Dissenters Gallery, London Project is supported by the Czech Centre London. I am developing a multi-sensory, participatory performance, inspired by George Bellas Greenough, a geologist... Continue Reading →

sensory workshop 3

In the last workshop of 2016 we were exploring how subjective states, such as dreams or memories, can be communicated via multi-sensory impressions and without sight. Below some of the innerscapes created by participants and experienced by touch, smell, and hearing alone. Billur's childhood memory Alice's dream of washing a wig The various experiences of the encounters, whether... Continue Reading →

sensory workshop 2

Here are some images from our second sensory workshop, at the Dissenters Chapel. We were exploring the interplay between narrative, imagination and sensory stimuli. One of the questions I am interested in is how our visual imagination works in the absence of sight. Do we imagine colours? How accurate is our visualisation based on tactile... Continue Reading →

Sensory workshop n.1

Sensory workshop n.1 The aim of the first workshop was to explore the relationship between our bodies and place, as mediated by our senses, and in turn, how this can become part of the creative process.  The workshop is a first one in the series of workshops, which follow the tradition of the surrealist games,... Continue Reading →

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