sensory workshop 3

In the last workshop of 2016 we were exploring how subjective states, such as dreams or memories, can be communicated via multi-sensory impressions and without sight. Below some of the innerscapes created by participants and experienced by touch, smell, and hearing alone. Billur's childhood memory Alice's dream of washing a wig The various experiences of the encounters, whether... Continue Reading →

Sensory workshop n.1

Sensory workshop n.1 The aim of the first workshop was to explore the relationship between our bodies and place, as mediated by our senses, and in turn, how this can become part of the creative process.  The workshop is a first one in the series of workshops, which follow the tradition of the surrealist games,... Continue Reading →

laundering leaves

These are stills from some of my tactile film experiments - playing games of combining mundane domestic tasks with less obvious objects or materials. This idea, of laundering leaves, is a theme that haunts me from a long way back, from my childhood in Prague: One time, when I was about 3 or 4, I... Continue Reading →

Tactile Workshop

This is a 13 minute documentation of one of my tactile workshop, performed at the Royal College of Art, London, between 2005 - 2009 Tactile workshops have been a vital part of my personally tailored methodology. They functioned as a testing ground for various practical propositions, as well as an imaginative way of gaining new... Continue Reading →

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