Sensory workshop n.1

Sensory workshop n.1

The aim of the first workshop was to explore the relationship between our bodies and place, as mediated by our senses, and in turn, how this can become part of the creative process. 

The workshop is a first one in the series of workshops, which follow the tradition of the surrealist games, where play provides a space for new ideas to emerge,  not just through theory, but also practice. 

The secondary aim of these workshops is to gather a network of artists, designers and other creative individuals, in order to initiate potential collaborations under the loose framework of Sensory Sites artistic network (

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The first workshop “Innerscapes” took place in Dissenters chapel, Ladbroke Grove, on 5th November, 2016.

The workshops are led by Dr Tereza Stehlikova, founding member of Sensory Sites. In future they will also involve guest presenters from different areas of sensory research.

Video documentation by Dany Teixeira

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