Generations- part 2

This is the next instalment of stills from my filmic explorations of the four generations of women in my family.

Here my grandmother and my daughter, looking together at my grandmother’s memoir, which she spent 10 years writing up. The book includes a number of photographs, and other personal mementos, including my grandfather’s letters to her from forced labour camp in Munich, Germany, where he was in “total deployment (totaleinsatz) for 2 years, until his escape just before the end of the war.

lettergeneration2Anna babrdle4babrdle1kronikaAnna babrdle

Photos my grandfather sent together with letters, from the forced labour camp in Munich, Germany. He wrote to my grandmother every day.
deda lagrAnna babrdle11

A drawing my grandfather sent from the forced labour camp, of their living quarters.deda lagr2babrdle2pendant

My grandmother as a young woman, posing for a fashion shoot.

babrdle anna5b

My Grandmother’s “kennkarte” (German protectorate ID) from 1942:
photos -id1photos -id2Anna babrdle8

My grandmother and my grandfather on their wedding day, in wedding
My grandmother now, Prague, 2015


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