Dressed in Leaves

This entry relates to my experimentation with communicating multi-sensory impression by audio-visual means.

This short film exercise (2.28 min) is inspired by my own childhood memory – a memory that is not just composed of visual impressions, but also consists of sounds, textures, weights and temperatures, and scents… These sensory/sensual fragments have become meshed together in a way that it is now impossible to separate the buzzing of the bees from the smell of blossom and sweat, and the feel of cool earth and blades of grass on the skin, all the comforts and all the discomforts of being immersed, adorned in summer…

The short edit has been put together for an event taking place at the Courtauld Institute, London, next week called Documenting Fashion – Rethinking the Experience and Representation of Dress.

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