4 Generations Women – Water rituals

Listening to stories of drowning in my grandmother’s family history

Having resurfaced from my recent immersion in the timeless landscape of Southern Bohemia, I am now reflecting back on the experience of filming the four generations, from a distance.

As mentioned in my earlier blog entry, about this year’s filming, the focus of this summer has been “water”.

On the most basic level, water functioned as a tactile trigger. In the heat of the day, it became a life giving force, literally, waking us up and cooling our bodies, as well as introducing a playful and connecting element. It became an excuse to explore touch, touching, each other’s skin.

While our play carried loose connotations to baptism as a form of purification and rebirth, the intention of this “ritual” was more simple: to introduce an element of play and touch, beyond words. To embody rather than describe.

Or, to simply become more present to the passing moment.

Below: staging our own water ritual

Images: Stills from footage by Tereza Stehlikova, Chvalkov 2018

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