sweet muscle flexing

“Outside and inside are both intimate – they are always ready to be reversed, to exchange their hostility. If there exists a border-line surface between such an inside and outside, this surface is painful on both sides.” Gaston Bachelard

Sweet Muscle Flexing

She is seduced by the promise of sweet pleasure, indulgence of the senses, a canibalistic desire.

She approaches her pray slowly, deliberately, savouring each move

First encounter with an erect nipple, surrounded by painful pink edges that can injure.

With metallic tweezers she clamps a protruding tongue, her own at first, than its disembodied companion which she slowly licks, then devours.

Sugar on flesh and flesh of sugar

Crystalised rose petals fall into the cave of her mouth, lined by sharp teeth.

I observe the flexing muscle of sweet jelly, the stretching of its pink ligaments

while my pregnant belly weighs me down, the body inside a body

my own ligaments stretching.

And all along, she ingests while being ingested

in a dance of dominance and submission

between the body and its imprint, the body and the camera eye.

Temperature soars, solid matter turns to liquid, the viewfinder steams up,

camera overheats, the light grows thick

I get out of breath, time runs out.

The end must be sudden, leaving a wild sugar high, skin sticky and itchy, trickling sweat, the muscles sore.



Performance: Tereza Kamenicka

Art objects: Nuala Clooney

Camera: Tereza Stehlikova

Filmed on 11th July, 2018 in Minerva Works, Birmingham.

Thank you to Nuala Clooney for hosting us.

The work is part of an ongoing artistic research project exploring embodiment, ingestion and the exchange between inside and outside, through engaging with all the senses.

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