sensory workshop 4 – scent

Our latest workshop was focused on exploration of SCENT, in relation to memory, “nostalghia” and geology.

Our first guest contributor was Michael Isted, who is a fully qualified Phytotherapist BSc (Hons) and who has a passion for introducing ways in which people can invigorate and revitalise life through the power of plants. Michael presented some of the unique flavours he has created and discuss them in connection with the environment they come from, and their effect on our emotions.

Natasha Blok, a food scientist and multi-sensory consultant, explored ideas of what the earth provides us with. We tasted and discussed various edible salts and minerals, considering what it means to ingest this mineral, which is so essential to us. 

Image 1-3: sharing objects with scent and sound that have a personal significance.


Images 4-7: Tasting Michael’s flavours, distillation of Damascena Rose.



Image 8 -9: Catacombs


Image 10-11: Edible salts with Natasha Blok


Images are stills from Nevra Topcu’s documentation of the workshop.

Workshop is from a series of sensory workshops conceived and led by Tereza Stehlikova. It is a part of a developmental process towards a Journey to the Interior performance in May, as part of Open Senses weekend, London. Location: Dissenters Gallery, London

For more information about upcoming workshops please visit:

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