Under the Sea

These are stills from my latest short film, with the working title: Journey to the Bottom of the Ocean.


This project is a part of my on-going research into using food and eating to communicate multi-sensory impressions in moving image. It is also an homage to Marinetti, and his call to: “use food to evoke and provoke essential states of the mind, that otherwise cannot be evoked and provoked”. And it is of course also an homage to Jan Svankmajer, and his brilliant Food.

In this project, the idea was to use the simple structure of a set menu, to communicate the experience of diving deeper and deeper under the sea, with each meal consumed.

Beyond the sensory aspects of the experiment, I was further interested to explore themes of childhood play: the journey to the bottom of the ocean is really a journey of the imagination.

Tereza Stehlikova, December 2015

Set MenuJourney to the Bottom of the Ocean

I. An ocean served in a large transparent bowl

soupfishingabout to jump

II. Swimming with Fish: St Pierre and Sea Robin, accompanied by a gentle brush with seaweed

fishunder the sea1under the sea2flamecooking oct

A descend…

ropered fish

V. Dessert: In search of pearls…


A pearl necklace.


If you’d like to see the film, please get in touch.

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