Ophelia in the Looking Glass

Here is a little moving glimpse into Ophelia’s world behind the mirror, or is it a computer screen?

We followed Ophelia as she drowned herself inside a bowl of soup as if it were a lake, during her last supper. After that the shadow Ophelia travelled into the darkness of Candid Arts Club underworld, dressed in black, exchanging glances and small offerings with strangers. Then, she was a disembodied woman sharing a “zoom meal” with a stranger.

Now she is here, in a new space.

This trailer is made of a footage I shot with a performer & friend Tereza Kamenicka just a few days before my trip to South Bohemia, at a time when London was hot and still just about in lockdown.

This particular creative process is really very unconscious…the two Terezas are following an inkling, like a thread that turns a solid screen into a liquid surface of water, through which we pass into a new reality, the world behind the screen. The world on the other side of “normality”?

Through play, experimentation, openness, we are learning this new world’s properties, its rules, its affordances…

Keep an eye on this space for more to emerge…

Performance: Tereza Kamenicka

Music Yumi Mashiki.

Costume: Jovana Gospavic


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