From you to me: 4 Generations of Women at Alchemy

These are stills and a short video of my solo exhibition From You to Me: 4 Generations of Women, at Alchemy Film & Arts.

Shown with Alchemy Film & Arts in an installation of six films, Tereza creates an entrance to the world of the four women, temporarily materialising memory through immersive projection and questioning the tangibility of memory itself.


Tereza Stehlíková’s From You to Me: 4 Generations of Women is an ongoing project exploring the unique and complex interconnections between four generations of women within the artist’s own family.

Tereza’s collection of short experimental films, beginning in 2011, capture the unique moments of her grandmother, her mother, her daughter and herself reuniting between the Czech Republic and Britain over several years. Documentary-style dialogue is combined by Tereza with staged family rituals exploring the bonds between the women, while also uncovering issues of hidden family histories.

The traditional dress exhibited at Borders Textile Towerhouse during the exhibition.


Documentation by Dawn Berry

Thank you to everyone at Alchemy Film & Arts for making this happen.

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