Working with the poet Steven Fowler on capturing the strange and disappearing no man’s land around Willesden junction…These are selected images from the latest recce…recording locations where nature meets artifice, where plastic and vegetation talk to each other, imitate each other, where synthetic colours are splashed in abundance across the subdued industrial landscape.

“Let’s listen tonight to Willesden junction together”, said John Berger in his letter to me, few months after I moved here. I keep these words close to me at all times, especially in the mornings as I walk from Harrow road along the railway line to catch the tube, to the sound of a screeching trains, desolate landscape all around me…feeling strangely content and free.

Tereza, March, 2o16

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  1. Dear Tereza,

    I have been wanting to write to let you know how much I enjoy these posts you send about your work-in-progress and your working process. I so enjoy the way that they connect me with your explorations, your journeying, your deep investigations: with your living pulse! So different from communiques that send news of upcoming screenings or prizes awarded.

    Thank you, and continued life flow in and through your work.

    Sarah http://www.SarahBlissArt.com

    Frame capture from La Petite Mort (The Little Death). An experimental documentary in production.


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