From the Greek island of Zakynthos


Cave of the Nymphs

High at the head a branching olive grows,
And crowns the pointed cliffs with shady boughs.
A cavern pleasant, though involv’d in night,
Beneath it lies, the Naiades delight.
Where bowls and urns, of workmanship divine,
And massy beams in native marble shine;
On which the Nymphs amazing webs display,
Of purple hue, and exquisite array.
The busy bees, within the urns secure
Honey delicious, and like nectar pure.
Perpetual waters thro’ the grotto glide,
A lofty gate unfolds on either side;
That to the north is pervious by mankind:
The sacred south t’immortals is consign’d.

Homer’s The Odyssey





Images © Tereza Stehlikova, 2013

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