Generation – art, science and embodiment

I am currently preparing an exhibition together with my colleague Rosalyn Driscoll, entitled Generation. It consists of a series of videos projected onto sculptures made of rawhide. We have been looking at the ancient Greek myth of Demeter and Persephone as a trigger to explore the bonds and tensions between four generations of women. In order to study the subject I decided to film my grandmother, mother, daughter and myself.


A great sources of inspiration has been Jung and Kerenyi’s The Science of Mythology:

“Every mother contains her daughter in herself and every daughter her mother, and [that] every woman extends backwards into her mother and forwards into her daughter. This participation and intermingling give rise to that peculiar uncertainty as regards time: a woman lives earlier as a mother, later as a daughter. The conscious experience of these ties produces the feeling that her life is spread out over generations – the first step towards the immediate experience and conviction of being outside of time, which brings with it a feeling of immortality. The individual’s life is elevated into a type, indeed it becomes the archetype of woman’s fate in general. An experience of this kind gives the individual a place and meaning in the life of generations, so that all unnecessary obstacles are cleared out of the way of the life-stream that is to flow through her. At the same time the individual is rescued from her isolation and restored wholeness.Kerenyi

tereza large2

tereza large1

Roz Driscoll’s and I produce multisensory art that explores the tactile, proprioceptive, kinesthetic, spatial dimensions of embodied human experience. We are members of Sensory Sites, a collective that creates installations exploring the integration of the senses in art. The new exhibition is part of our ongoing research into the aesthetic experience using an in-depth interview method developed by French philosopher Claire Petitmengin.

The exhibition will take place in September/October at GV Art – London’s Art & Science Gallery | working with artists that engage with science to investigate human conditions. Images are from work in progress.

every mother3every mother7every mother4

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