From my roots: our holy place

Having started the 4th week away, in the remote countryside of South Bohemia, I begun thinking about the deeper meanings of my 4 generations of women project, in relation to a sense of belonging, being part of a continuous (female) line, the meaning of home and what it means to be displaced, even voluntarily, from... Continue Reading →

Fruits of Willesden Junction

On Friday I had the pleasure of meeting up with some of the members of the Willesden Junction Poets' group, brought together by Rose Rouse, for a project supported by Brent 2020 culture fund. It's been a joy drifting along the sprawling pathways of Willesden Junction, experiencing the place through their eyes, as various plants... Continue Reading →

John Berger in Silence

This is an old piece that I wrote inspired by hearing John Berger speak to Geoff Dyer, in 2005, as part of the John Berger: Here is Where We Meet season. John Berger in Silence He comes to this forest for the same reason that one might visit a church. Here, in the dark temple... Continue Reading →

My memories of John Berger

My encounters with John Berger I wanted to share here the somewhat scattered personal memories of my encounters with John Berger, whom I had the privilege and honour of knowing, and which I hold dear. The first time I met John was in 2007, as he picked us up from the airport in Geneva. We came to... Continue Reading →

TRIESTE: In-between states

TRIESTE: In-between states Short film made in collaboration with the writer Deborah Levy. To be screened at the Whitechapel Gallery on 1st December, 2016 I have just completed a short film, made in collaboration with the writer Deborah Levy. The film is an impressionistic documentary about Trieste, a city in north east of Italy, with a... Continue Reading →


Railtracks is a collaboration between John Berger and Anne Michaels, two writers of remarkable achievement. Their sensual and exploratory dialogue is accompanied by my own photographs, documenting  a journey by narrow gauge train through the winter landscapes of Southern Bohemia, which I took on the day of a winter solstice, in 2007. J. The whistle,... Continue Reading →

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