Ludva’s bees

These images are stills from my filming of a beekeeper I know in the village of Chvalkov, Southern Bohemia. I am learning little more about the bees and honey production just as the Time magazine published its article entitled The Plight of The Honeybee. A beautiful, multi-sensory experience! Must return to film some more and... Continue Reading →

Poetry in Prose – Bohumil Hrabal

An excerpt from the Handbook for the Apprentice Palaveer - by one of my favourite Czech writers, Bohumil Hrabal (1914-1997) (No translation can ever quite capture the freshness, sheer poetic force and subtle nuances of Hrabal's language but nevertheless...) I water flowers when it rains, in sultry July I pull my December sled behind me,... Continue Reading →


Railtracks is a collaboration between John Berger and Anne Michaels, two writers of remarkable achievement. Their sensual and exploratory dialogue is accompanied by my own photographs, documenting¬† a journey by narrow gauge train through the winter landscapes of Southern Bohemia, which I took on the day of a winter solstice, in 2007. J. The whistle,... Continue Reading →

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